As Boris says, these are unprecedented times. And as much as we all dislike to fully agree with a tory, he is right!

COVID 19 or Coronavirus has set upon our lands and around our planet and has caused us all to halt our daily lives and seek shelter from our homes. This started off as such a shock and will inevitably create a massive disturbance to the world economy, but we can use this epidemic to our advantage socially (even with social distancing).

We are very lucky to live in this highly advanced technological age and to have so many ways to communicate with each other without the risk of spreading the virus and causing Coronavirus to spread. Skype, Zoom and Facetime have all become foundations in our day to day lives to keep in touch with loved ones and to take part in weekly family quizzes, poker tournaments and even bingo! It has inspired the creativity of many artists, including musicians, tattooists, and even those that would normally not be creative.

The freedom to take part in exercise daily has motivated the masses and many of us are keen runners or enjoy daily bike rides, taking in the beautiful surrounding of our hometowns that we have neglected and taken for granted in these past years. Have you looked up at the stars recently?

We are all using our cars less so the Ozone layer has started to repair itself and we can all enjoy clear views of our solar system at night!

This Lockdown can be mentally tough on us all and don’t get me wrong, it has tested me a number of times. But it’s worth remembering that we can’t control this situation and to focus on all of the positives. For now we can all stay stay, stay in touch and look forward to a COVID free future! And lots of tattoos followed by a few Gins in a Beer Garden!

I will leave you with this Lockdown jam at the top of the screen. Feel free to share and subscribe…

Stay at home and stay safe,

Love to all,