Fender Stratocaster Rebuild Project

A few years ago, well probably about 5 or 6 years ago. My brother (Tattoo Artist Chay Heyden) of Spiderland Tattoo in Cheltenham bought an old Squire Stratocaster copy from a guitar shop on amazon or eBay. After a few years of learning a few Bad Religion songs, he dedicated his efforts to Japanese culture and perfecting his paintings (Honestly, go check them out!)

Being the eldest brother, I swapped one thing or another for the Fender copy and set a goal of rebuilding it. Of course, this just meant that it was sat in about 60 pieces in the back of the tattoo shop for about 5 years, much to the annoyance of Ally Lyon.

Eventually, mid-February of this year my girlfriend Ellie and I set up a little workshop in the kitchen. I used the term workshop very loosely. It was basically just me on my kitchen floor, tools everywhere with Ellie filming me.

After a lot of mess from grinding and sanding down parts. Not to mention the awful smell of burned lacquer, It was time to paint my new guitar.

Olive green is my favourite colour as you might notice from this website and from the number of tattoo machines that I have acquired in that colour but I  decided to go with the old classic of black and gold. Maybe as a bit of a nod to NHL’s Boston Bruins or maybe just because it’s badass.